The past & future initiatives by Media Alliance:

Calendar 2022

We also produced a calendar with our wishes for 2022 in Europe, which are fair salary, the right to citizenship, a good climate, the reduction of gender inequality, the right to healthcare, less armaments in the EU.

Our best wishes for the next Europe

A public meeting  took place on December 17th and was named Our best wishes for the next Europe. It was about the challenges of 2022 for the EU (participants: Małgorzata Kulbaczewska –, Argiris Panagopoulos – Avgi, Gema Delgado – Mundo Obrero, Stefano Galieni – Left, Maryam Barak – freelance BBC. Coordination by Alessia Gasparini and Roberto Morea).

Poland, Europe: democracy, borders, gender rights

In December, a public meeting took place: one on December 3rd , named Poland, Europe: democracy, borders, gender rights about the situation in Poland and its relationship with EU (participants: Małgorzata Kulbaczewska –, Wojciech Łobodziński –, Roberto Morea, Stefano Galieni. Coordination by Alessia Gasparini).

First public meeting

The first public meeting was in May 7th, with Mr. Patrick Le Hyaric, director at L’Humanité (France), Gema Delgado, Simona Maggiorelli, Leonardo Filippi, journalist at Left (Italy), Ms. Małgorzata Kulbaczewska, Mr. Argiris Panagopoulos, Mr. Haris Golemis, Ms. Milena Gegios, representative of transform! Europe and the Austrian media. For transform! Italy were present Mr. Roberto Morea (chief of Media Alliance project), Mr. Roberto Musacchio, Mr. Stefano Galieni and Ms. Alessia Gasparini as Media Alliance project manager.

First preparatory meeting

The first preparatory meeting took place on April 9th, with all the journalist involved in the project, plus Ms. Corinna Meisenbach, chief editor at Neues Deutschland (Germany), Ms. Tatiana Moutinho, Transform Europe (Portugal), Ms. Mariana Carneiro, director of (Portugal), Mr. Michael Verbauwehede, director of Solidaire (Belgium), Mr. Alberto Bomba, European Left press office, Ms. Gala Kabbaj, Transform Europe (France).